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Tasting All the Food

In the freezer, the blueberry stock from last August is running low, as are the petite brownie bites and ham from the holidays. In the cupboard, the jars of dried lemon verbena and oregano leaves from the garden are nearly … Continue reading

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Band on the Run

First, you must stand in a pit up to your knees, and with only a hazel wand for defense, fend off the spears of nine warriors standing at a distance of nine ridges of land. Next, you must escape the … Continue reading

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An Irish Autumn Breakfast

Summer is waning fast, but the harvest was good – at least I hope it was where you are. My humble garden crops are almost all in – dried for storage or used up and enjoyed. The growing season was … Continue reading

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The Gaelic Art of Alliance

Six years ago, I lost my mother to cancer and over the course of the same year, I was blessed with a new mother – a woman 20 years my senior who took me under her wing and saw that … Continue reading

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The Cult of the Dead

At this time of year when the door to the Otherworld is flung open, I felt it would be appropriate to examine Gaelic customs regarding the dead, along with the more ancient Celtic customs from which they stemmed.  The reverence … Continue reading

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What’s on the Menu?

“An old Irish text says: ‘Anyone who gives another anything in which there has been a dead mouse or dead weasel, three fasts are laid on him who gives it.’” (McMahon, 1990, p. 38). Well, that makes me feel better! … Continue reading

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Ouch!  All those dang mosquitoes want a piece of me!  Life before the creation of Off, bug-zappers, and citronella candles must have been miserable. Even the poor cat can’t enjoy the great outdoors until he’s swathed in Off.  Because of … Continue reading

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