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Outside, it’s a balmy 13°F in the midst of a lake-effect squall, but inside the temperature is comfortably and soothingly higher than body temperature. Aaahh…the bathtub – an indispensible household fixture for anyone enduring winter above the 40° latitudinal mark. … Continue reading

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Bug-Eyed Beads are a Girl’s Best Friend

After enjoying a couple art fairs this summer and listening to banter among browsers, I can’t help but wonder what the shopping experience was like during the annual tribal assembly, or óenach. As mentioned in my Lughnasadh post, the óenach … Continue reading

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Married in Blue, You’re Sure to Rue

Looking back through my manuscript pages composed during the winter months, I invariably find sheets stained with purple fingerprints. Each summer I freeze enough blueberries to last me through the winter. What a rich violet dye these little blueberry popsicles … Continue reading

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Take off Your Brat and Stay Awhile

One of the things the holidays bring out is the festive clothes from our closets. No doubt the same was true for the ancient Gaels on high feast days. In this article, we’ll take a peek into the Irish wardrobe … Continue reading

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The Golden Noose

The torque was a heavy necklet made of twisted cables of gold or electrum, worn close-fitting to the neck with the decorative terminal ends displayed over the collar bones.  Torques were not only symbols of status and authority, but they … Continue reading

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