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From Mighty Oaks

No matter where you go in the world this time of year, the climate is lovely, moderated from the extremes. Even the arctic tundra is awakening and returning to life.  Spring cleaning is done and garden beds are being prepped … Continue reading

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World Tree

As I raked leaves this weekend, I spent some time taking stock of the ash tree standing sentinel over the front yard. It’s had a rough few years and bears the D-shaped scars of attack from the emerald ash borer, … Continue reading

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King of Kings?

While millions of voices are lifted in song to the King of Kings this time of year, I thought I’d take the opportunity to explore the ancient Irish concept of kingship – an all-encompassing but muddy construct. So many of … Continue reading

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Your Pain is My Pain

Last time, we took a look at summertime hazards – klutzy/clumsy self-inflicted accidents that might befall any one of us – and the early Irish herbal remedies used to treat the wounds. But what if your summertime blues spreads to … Continue reading

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Fortress Feng Shui

In Tag! You’re It! I mentioned that I suddenly became “king’” of the library when our director went to lunch and never came back. The six-month reign I was saddled with finally came to an end when a new director … Continue reading

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Tag, You’re It!

Last October, my boss – a director of a public library – suddenly decided to retire.  She went to lunch and never came back. As second-in-command, I instantly inherited all her responsibilities, heaped on top of my own. Not even … Continue reading

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Access Denied

A couple weeks ago, publishing conglomerate HarperCollins announced that it would require libraries subscribing to its eBook service to purchase a new copy of an eBook after 26 circulations. In other words, after a book was checked out (downloaded to … Continue reading

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