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Of Sunlight and Shadow

It’s the burning question everyone living in a northern clime wants to know this time each year (and if the question burned a little more, it might actually keep us warm): when will this blasted winter end? The winter of … Continue reading

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At the age of four, I awoke from a bizarre dream. A human skull bounced into my room – much like a basketball – and got me out of bed with an invitation to join it and its friends in … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

Through the wet and the cold, buds are swelling on bush and tree. The willows are sending out new shoots and the days are lengthening. It’s the beginning of the end of winter in Ireland and food stores of grain … Continue reading

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The Cult of the Dead

At this time of year when the door to the Otherworld is flung open, I felt it would be appropriate to examine Gaelic customs regarding the dead, along with the more ancient Celtic customs from which they stemmed.  The reverence … Continue reading

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They’re here!  The u-pick blueberry farms are now open for business up and down the highway.  The tomatoes and blackberries are ripening – quite good this year – and the lavender has all been gathered from my kitchen garden.  I … Continue reading

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