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My name is Kerry and I’m a Tolkien-junky. Over the holidays I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey six times. The cinematography, special effects, and characters were so real I couldn’t help myself. Only snowstorms and icy roads kept me … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

August brings out some of the best artisans in the state, and I always look forward to milling among the vendors’ stalls at local craft fairs and art shows. If money were no object, I’d need a bigger house to … Continue reading

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At the age of four, I awoke from a bizarre dream. A human skull bounced into my room – much like a basketball – and got me out of bed with an invitation to join it and its friends in … Continue reading

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Bug-Eyed Beads are a Girl’s Best Friend

After enjoying a couple art fairs this summer and listening to banter among browsers, I can’t help but wonder what the shopping experience was like during the annual tribal assembly, or óenach. As mentioned in my Lughnasadh post, the óenach … Continue reading

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Fortress Feng Shui

In Tag! You’re It! I mentioned that I suddenly became “king’” of the library when our director went to lunch and never came back. The six-month reign I was saddled with finally came to an end when a new director … Continue reading

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An Ancient Beam of Light

Waiting for the sun on a winter’s day And a beam of light shines across the floor. Mysterious ring, a magical ring – But forgotten is the race that no one knows. So ends the song Newgrange by Clannad from … Continue reading

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Space…the final frontier

As I sit down to pen a commissioned piece – a chapter entitled Reinventing the Obituary File for the Digital Age in a book aimed at library professionals – I’m mindful of how much we take reading and writing for … Continue reading

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