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What’s in a Name?

Cuibhlean stòlda mu dheas,  [The wheels of industry at a standstill,] Na fàsaichean a’ tuath,   [The northern lands wasted,] An taigh-mòr falamh an Dùn-éideann   [The empty house in Edinburgh] Gun chumhachd gun ghuth.  [Without authority or voice.]      (Macdonald, … Continue reading

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Band on the Run

First, you must stand in a pit up to your knees, and with only a hazel wand for defense, fend off the spears of nine warriors standing at a distance of nine ridges of land. Next, you must escape the … Continue reading

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At the age of four, I awoke from a bizarre dream. A human skull bounced into my room – much like a basketball – and got me out of bed with an invitation to join it and its friends in … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Gambit

I don’t get it. I’m playing chess on my new Nook and getting slaughtered on the easy game setting. The queen comes screaming out of nowhere! But I can hold my own on the difficult setting. I guess “easy” means … Continue reading

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Access Denied

A couple weeks ago, publishing conglomerate HarperCollins announced that it would require libraries subscribing to its eBook service to purchase a new copy of an eBook after 26 circulations. In other words, after a book was checked out (downloaded to … Continue reading

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