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BOOK REVIEW The Road Wet, The Wind Close

As the weather grows cooler in northern climes and the days more blustery, thoughts turn to curling up with a good book.  And here’s a good one…the second in my travelogue series. Roy, James Charles.  (1993). The Road Wet, the … Continue reading

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What’s on the Menu?

“An old Irish text says: ‘Anyone who gives another anything in which there has been a dead mouse or dead weasel, three fasts are laid on him who gives it.’” (McMahon, 1990, p. 38). Well, that makes me feel better! … Continue reading

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The Golden Noose

The torque was a heavy necklet made of twisted cables of gold or electrum, worn close-fitting to the neck with the decorative terminal ends displayed over the collar bones.  Torques were not only symbols of status and authority, but they … Continue reading

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Living on the Lake — literally

Late night parties, nerve-exploding fire-crackers, the extreme human intelligence of shooting a nail-gun into the air at 3:00 am, followed by “Ow!…@$#%!  Ow!” – it makes one want to get away from one’s neighbors.  The ancient Gaels had a solution … Continue reading

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