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Speed Bumps

It happens every summer in northern climes — dreaded orange construction signs crop up on highways and main streets, multiplying overnight.  My favorites are the ones that graciously tell you how long your torment will last – Construction next 15 miles.  … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW Ancient Ireland: An Explorer’s Guide

Since autumn is an excellent time to visit Ireland – the summer crowds have gone, airfare and accommodations are cheaper – I thought I’d start a series of book reviews and share some of my favorite Irish travel books.  Whether … Continue reading

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Marry? Me?

Imagine if you will, you’re a young man, nudged along by your kin to initiate a marriage contract.  You have your eye on a lass, and happily, she’s the same lass your kin has deemed a suitable mate for you.  … Continue reading

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A Contention of Horses

Last week we touched upon one of the major events of Lugnasad, the early harvest festival.  This was the oenach, the tribal assembly held at the centers of provincial kingdoms.  During the August lull in the agricultural cycle, mass trading … Continue reading

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