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Where is Luke Skywalker?

That’s the burning question Star Wars fans want to know and the quest the gets the ball rolling (literally) in The Force Awakens. The Jedi Master is AWOL and the galaxy means to find him. But before we get to … Continue reading

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My name is Kerry and I’m a Tolkien-junky. Over the holidays I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey six times. The cinematography, special effects, and characters were so real I couldn’t help myself. Only snowstorms and icy roads kept me … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

August brings out some of the best artisans in the state, and I always look forward to milling among the vendors’ stalls at local craft fairs and art shows. If money were no object, I’d need a bigger house to … Continue reading

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Smoke on the Water…and Fire in the Sky

Last week, while it was still officially winter, the temperature reached 87°F here in Michigan — for not one freaky day but for several days straight! What’s wrong with this picture? Well, normally our average high this time of year … Continue reading

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At the age of four, I awoke from a bizarre dream. A human skull bounced into my room – much like a basketball – and got me out of bed with an invitation to join it and its friends in … Continue reading

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Bug-Eyed Beads are a Girl’s Best Friend

After enjoying a couple art fairs this summer and listening to banter among browsers, I can’t help but wonder what the shopping experience was like during the annual tribal assembly, or óenach. As mentioned in my Lughnasadh post, the óenach … Continue reading

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Pulling Strings

Since many of us have a chance to enjoy outdoor music festivals this summer, I thought it would be fun to examine the history of some ancient Irish musical instruments. First up – the big one – the harp, or … Continue reading

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